Classes, Coaching and Coffee!
public health promotion & education by Dr. Jill Chasse

$20 - 1 hour class
Recommended ages 7 - 12 years old
Teaching kids safety is important! Providing basic first aid information to your child can instill a confidence that comes from preparedness. This class will teach them how to be safe and how to react when emergencies happen including bleeding, fire, and poison control. 

Managing Stress
$25 - 2 hour class
Learn strategies to manage stress and anxiety. This mindfulness-based seminar is designed to help you better understand anxiety, its causes, and the factors that maintain it. Throughout this seminar we will introduce you to a number of strategies designed to alleviate anxiety in the moment, challenge your anxious thoughts, and change behaviors that maintain your anxiety. 

Managing Stress for Kids
$15 - 1 hour class
​Kids face different kinds of stressors than adults do, but they still need strategies to manage their stress and anxiety. This mindfulness-based class will help teach them coping skills and strategies to assist in calming their anxiousness. 

​​Outdoor Safety & Health​​
$20 - 1 hour class
Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe in the outdoors, including water safety, sun exposure, insect borne diseases and how preventing bites and controlling mosquito populations is critically important

$45 - 4 hour class
Recommended ages 12 - 15 years old
In this class, students will learn about:​​
  • Responsible babysitting
  • Basic child development
  • Infant and child care
  • Safety and injury prevention
  • How to handle emergencies
  • Age-appropriate games and toys
  • Business tips
  • What parents expect

This program developed by a Doctor of Public Health and author of the "Babysitters Survival Guide" teaches young babysitters everything they need to know to keep themselves and the children in their care safe. 

P regnancy Coaching Services
Pregnancy coaching helps shape a mom’s behavior to help her manage her physical and mental health, baby’s development, and lifestyle choices that affect their health and wellness.

 empowering, motivating and educating

TAUGHT BY Dr. CHASSE: Dr. Jill Chasse is an epidemiologist and public health doctor. Before coming to NJ, she managed the Operational Clinical Infectious Disease course for the US Army and taught medical personnel across the armed services. She has also worked for the Department of Health and Human Services at NIH and is trained in multiple CDC health assessment and promotion programs. She is also an adjunct Professor at William Paterson University.
She was a certified “Maryland Responds/ Medical Reserve Corps” public health first responder while living in Maryland. Dr. Chasse has taught adults and children alike in safety, wellness, infectious and insect borne diseases, preventive medicine, mental/behavioral health, and maternal/child health. 

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